Saving What Remains


Ecological Corridor Project: Sponsored by the "new" World Bank

This World Bank project is aimed at restoring Brazil's Atlantic forest by working to link the small patches of existing natural forest in the Rio Grande do Sol state with corridors of natural vegetation. Only 2.3% of this forest remains in the state, dramatically reduced by cattle ranching and farming. This US$ 1.28 million project represents the recent shift of the multilateral development bank's funding away from immense, often highly destructive projects.

The project also provides for an endangered tree seed bank which the project expects to produce 180,000 seedlings in its inaugural year. Locals will benefit from the project in several ways: providing work on newly planted orchards; providing an alternative wood source, and offering landowners who reforest their lands tax breaks, ecotourism permits, and classes on how to farm without burning trees.

Scientists are hoping the newly planted forests will be suitable for colonization by species existing in the isolated forest pockets.



Solutions Introduction
Sustainable Forest Products
Large-scale Forest Products
Medicinal Drugs
Logging (con't)
Conservation Priorities
Reserve Size & Valuation
Intergovernmental Institutions
Communication, Education
Indigenous people
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Sustainable Dev - Agriculture
Foods & Genetic Diversity
Medicinal Drugs & Pesticides
Logging (con't)
Increasing Productivity
Types of Reserves
Developing nations
International Organizations
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