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Singapore Forest Figures

Forest Cover
Total forest area: 2,000 ha
% of land area: 3.4%

Primary forest cover: 2,000 ha
% of land area: 3.4%
% total forest area: 100.0%

Deforestation Rates, 2000-2005
Annual change in forest cover: n/a
Annual deforestation rate: n/a
Change in defor. rate since '90s: n/a
Total forest loss since 1990: n/a
Total forest loss since 1990:0.0%

Primary or "Old-growth" forests
Annual loss of primary forests: n/a
Annual deforestation rate: n/a
Change in deforestation rate since '90s: n/a
Primary forest loss since 1990: n/a
Primary forest loss since 1990:0.0%

Forest Classification
Public: 100%
Private: 0%
Other: 0%
Production: n/a
Protection: n/a
Conservation: 100%
Social services: n/a
Multiple purpose: n/a
None or unknown: n/a

Forest Area Breakdown
Total area: 2,000 ha
Primary: 2,000 ha
Modified natural: n/a
Semi-natural: n/a
Production plantation: n/a
Production plantation: n/a

Plantations, 2005: n/a
% of total forest cover: 0%
Annual change rate (00-05): n/a

Carbon storage
Above-ground biomass: n/a M t
Below-ground biomass: n/a M t

Area annually affected by
Fire: n/a
Insects: n/a
Diseases: n/a

Number of tree species in IUCN red list
Number of native tree species: 2,013
Critically endangered: 11
Endangered: 11
Vulnerable: 27

Wood removal 2005
Industrial roundwood: n/a
Wood fuel: n/a

Value of forest products, 2005
Industrial roundwood: n/a
Wood fuel: n/a
Non-wood forest products (NWFPs): n/a
Total Value: n/a

More forest statistics for Singapore

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Singapore Botanical Gardens' Jungle are Singapore's lone remnant rainforest fragments from the island's once rich forest. Both of these fragments have been the focus of intense study on the effect of fragmentation on forest patches. Both forests have been isolated for a long period—on the order of 130 years—but species composition is significantly different in the two patches. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve—50 hectares in size—retains some primary forest characteristics, while the smaller Botanical Gardens' Jungle—4 hectares—retains relatively little of its original diversity and forest structure.

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