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CHART: Emissions per metric ton of crude palm oil (CPO)

Chart: Top palm oil producers
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Greenhouse gas emissions in terms of carbon dioxide-equivalent per metric ton of crude palm oil (CPO) production. Data from the FAO.

Emissions per metric ton of crude palm oil (CPO)

GHG emission factorEmissions per tonne CPO(kg CO2-eq/tonne CPO)
Fossil fuel use transport & machinery+45 to + 125
Fertilizer use+ 250 to + 470
Fuel of mill & utilization of mill byproducts0
POME+ 625 to + 1,467
Total operations+920 to + 2,007
GHG emission from land conversion+425 to +7,813
Annual C sequestration by oil palms-1,915 to -2,393
Emissions from oil palm on peat+4,500 to +22,813
Total emissions related to carbon stock change+3,010 to + 28,233
Total+3,930 to +30,240

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