TROPICAL RAINFORESTS: Deforestation rates tables and charts

Deforestation tables and charts for Namibia

Deforestation data for Namibia , 1990-2005. Namibia 's data is derived from the FAO.

Forest Cover (hectares): 7,661,000
Forest Cover (as % of total land area): 9.3
Other wooded land (hectares): 8,473,000
Other land with tree cover (hectares):
Total land area (hectares): 82,429,000

Forest Area

Classification Area Annual change rate Total change
Period 1990 2000 2005 1990-2000 1990-2000 2000-2005 2000-2005 1990-2005 1990-2005 1990s vs 2000s
Units ha ha ha ha % ha % ha % %
Total forest area 8,762,000 8,033,000 7,661,000 -73000 -0.9 -74000 -0.9 -1,101,000 -12.57 0
Other wooded land 9023000 8656000 8473000 -36,700 -0.41 -36,600 -0.42 -550,000 -6.1 3.96
Primary forests - - 0
Plantations - -

Chart: Forest cover in Namibia, 1990-2005
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Chart: Other wooded land cover in Namibia, 1990-2005
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table: Potential for REDD in terms of avoided deforestation in Namibia
Assumes 100% reduction in deforestation, fully compensated, using FAO carbon estimates for above ground biomass. FAO's carbon estimates are very rough
ForestsOther wooded landAnnual forest cover changeAnnual other wooded land cover changeForest above-ground biomassOther wooded land above-ground biomassForest CO2/haOther wooded land CO2/haCO2 emissions from forest lossCO2 emissions from other woodland lossAggregate CO2 emissions from land cover changePotential REDD earnings*
hahahahaM tM tttM t Co2M t Co2$US M$US M

All data derived from the Forest Resources Assessment and the State of the World's Forests published by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (F.A.O)

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