The world's most endangered apes

CHART: The world's most endangered apes

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species evaluates the conservation status of plant and animal species. The list is based on scientific assessment of an organism's status by experts.

Conservation status of the world's apes

Species comprising the chart above include:

FamilyScientific nameCommon name(s)Red List statusPopulation trend
HOMINIDAEPongo abeliiSumatran OrangutanCRdecreasing
HOMINIDAEGorilla gorillaLowland Gorilla, Western GorillaCRdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAENomascus concolorBlack Crested Gibbon, Black Gibbon, Crested Gibbon, Indochinese GibbonCRdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAENomascus hainanusHainan Black Crested Gibbon, Hainan Black Gibbon, Hainan Crested Gibbon, Hainan GibbonCRstable
HYLOBATIDAENomascus leucogenysNorthern White-cheeked Gibbon, White-cheeked GibbonCRdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAENomascus nasutusCao-vit Black Crested Gibbon, Cao-vit Crested Gibbon, Eastern Black Crested GibbonCRdecreasing
HOMINIDAEGorilla beringeiEastern Gorilla, Mountain GorillaENdecreasing
HOMINIDAEPan paniscusBonobo, Dwarf Chimpanzee, Gracile Chimpanzee, Pygmy ChimpanzeeENdecreasing
HOMINIDAEPongo pygmaeusBornean OrangutanENdecreasing
HOMINIDAEPan troglodytesChimpanzee, Common Chimpanzee, Robust ChimpanzeeENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAEHylobates agilisAgile Gibbon, Dark-handed GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAEHylobates albibarbisBornean Agile Gibbon, Bornean White-bearded GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAENomascus gabriellaeBuff-cheeked Gibbon, Buffy-cheeked Gibbon, Red-cheeked Gibbon, Yellow-cheeked Crested GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAEHoolock hoolockHoolock Gibbon, Western Hoolock, Western Hoolock GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAEHylobates klossiiDwarf Gibbon, Kloss's Gibbon, Klosss Gibbon, Mentawai GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAEHylobates larCommon Gibbon, Lar Gibbon, White-handed GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAEHylobates molochJavan Gibbon, Moloch Gibbon, Owa Jawa, Silvery Gibbon, Silvery Javan GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAEHylobates muelleriBornean Gibbon, Bornean Grey Gibbon, Borneo Gibbon, Grey Gibbon, Müller's Bornean Gibbon, Müller's GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAEHylobates pileatusCapped Gibbon, Crowned Gibbon, Pileated GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAENomascus sikiSouthern White-cheeked GibbonENdecreasing
HYLOBATIDAESymphalangus syndactylusSiamangENdecreasing
HOMINIDAEHomo sapiensHumanLCincreasing
HYLOBATIDAEHoolock leuconedysEastern Hoolock, Eastern Hoolock GibbonVUdecreasing


The full resolution version of this apes chart is available at here. This table and chart was last updated on August 8, 2012, based on data downloaded from the IUCN Red List site. For a species profile, click on its scientific name.

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