Tropical rainforests are home to many kinds of birds, including parrots, hornbills, toucans, and raptors like eagles, hawks, and vultures.

Some migratory birds live in rainforests during the winter and return to cooler regions during the spring and summer. For example, many songbirds that nest in the United States winter in Central America or even the Amazon.

Below you will find profiles for a few rainforest birds as well as a selection of photos. Please note there is more extensive information about rainforest birds, including specific species, at the main rainforest site.


Rainforest bird photo gallery: Blue and yellow macaw, Keel-billed Toucan, Andean cock of the rock, Scale-crested Pygmy-tyrant, Rainbow lorikeet, Victoria crown pigeon, Harpy eagle, Hoatzin, Knobbed hornbill

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Review questions

  • What are some examples of birds that live in the rainforest?
  • What is it called when animals move from one part of the world to another in response to seasons?
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