Because is based on a manuscript, site pages are often content rich -- making quick access to information somewhat inefficient. Therefore, we suggest using our search engine to find the information you seek.

Our search engine provides a unique capability to "distill" information from a large body of text. If you are seeking specific information you can use the "SiteSnap" tool (the magnifying glass symbol) next to the search results. This tool will allow you to quickly zoom in on the sought after information.

Special thanks to SurfWax for this simple and effective technology.


Users who sign up with SurfWax at, have the ability to save save distilled information in a personal folder (called an InfoCubby). This is an excellent tool for research and collaboration.

How to use SurfWax search:

  1. Enter search criteria in the Search box.
  2. Select a "collection" from the popup.
    • Mongabay - search only
    • Rainforests - search a collection of rainforest sites
    • Web - search the web (with an emphasis on rainforest-relevant sites)
  3. Specify the number of results.
  4. Click the search button.
  5. Results appear in the left frame and can be sorted alphabetically, by relevance, or by source. Click the title to see the page in a new window (close the window when you are done).
  6. Click the eye symbol (purple eyes are the highest relevance results) to get a summary of the web page. This summary includes an index of matched-in-context bullets which staircase you into a document and help you quickly reach information endpoints.