List of AMPHIBIA species in Argentina

This is a list of AMPHIBIA in Argentina according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

Telmatobius laticeps 57347 CR
Telmatobius oxycephalus 57353 EN
Telmatobius pinguiculus 57355 EN
Telmatobius pisanoi 57356 EN
Telmatobius platycephalus 57357 EN
Telmatobius schreiteri 57359 EN
Telmatobius scrocchii 57360 EN
Telmatobius stephani 57363 EN
Dermatonotus muelleri 57804 LC
Elachistocleis bicolor 57807 LC
Elachistocleis skotogaster 57811 LC
Lithobates catesbeianus Common Bullfrog 58565 LC
Pleurodema cordobae 45499897 LC
Chthonerpeton indistinctum Argentine Caecilian 59537 LC
Luetkenotyphlus brasiliensis Sao Paulo Caecilian 59569 DD
Siphonops annulatus Ringed Caecilian 59593 LC
Siphonops paulensis Boettger's Caecilian 59597 LC
Hypsiboas marianitae Salta Treefrog 10459 LC
Chaltenobatrachus grandisonae Puerto Eden Frog 2295 LC
Atelognathus nitoi Rio Negro Frog 2296 VU
Atelognathus reverberii Laguna Raimunda Frog 2297 VU
Atelognathus solitarius Las Bayas Frog 2298 DD
Eupsophus roseus Rosy Ground Frog 80611681 LC
Trachycephalus dibernardoi 158543 LC
Rhinoderma darwinii Darwin's Frog 19513 EN
Alsodes gargola Tonchek Spiny-chest Frog 45477278 LC
Alsodes neuquensis 45477280 EN
Oreobates barituensis 18435652 NT
Pleurodema somuncurense El Rincon Stream Frog 20372 CR
Telmatobius rubigo Laguna de los Pozuelos’ Rusted Frog 200645 VU
Eupsophus calcaratus Chiloe Island Ground Frog 76755072 LC
Melanophryniscus krauczuki 61759 DD
Boana cordobae 61776 LC
Hypsiboas riojanus 61780 DD
Scinax aromothyella 61792 DD
Pseudis platensis 135794 DD
Pithecopus azureus 135966 DD
Ischnocnema henselii 136035 LC
Hypsiboas curupi 136096 LC
Atelognathus salai Portezuelo Frog 76338195 LC
Telmatobius atacamensis Atacama Water Frog 21581 CR
Rhinella achalensis Achala Toad 54564 EN
Rhinella arenarum 54576 LC
Rhinella bergi 54587 LC
Rhinella dorbignyi D´Orbigny’s Toad 54633 LC
Rhinella fernandezae Bella Vista Toad 54637 LC
Rhinella gallardoi 54646 EN
Rhinella gnustae 54652 DD
Rhinella granulosa Common Lesser Toad 54655 LC
Rhinella icterica 54668 LC
Rhinella rubropunctata Red-spotted Toad 54751 VU
Rhinella rumbolli Salta Toad 54752 VU
Rhinella schneideri Cururu Toad 54755 LC
Rhinella spinulosa Warty Toad 54763 LC
Nannophryne variegata Eden Harbour Toad 54790 LC
Melanophryniscus atroluteus Uruguay Red Belly Toad 54816 LC
Melanophryniscus cupreuscapularis 54818 NT
Melanophryniscus devincenzii Rivera Redbelly Toad 54819 EN
Melanophryniscus fulvoguttatus 54821 LC
Melanophryniscus klappenbachi Klappenbach’s Red-bellied Toad 54822 LC
Melanophryniscus rubriventris Red-bellied Toad 54827 LC
Melanophryniscus stelzneri 54831 LC
Vitreorana uranoscopa Humboldt's Glass Frog 55035 LC
Aplastodiscus perviridis 55301 LC
Argenteohyla siemersi Red-spotted Argentina Frog 55302 EN
Gastrotheca christiani Calilegua's Marsupial Frog 55327 CR
Gastrotheca chrysosticta Baritú’s Marsupial Frog 55328 EN
Gastrotheca gracilis La Banderita Marsupial Frog 55336 EN
Boana albopunctata 55378 LC
Hypsiboas caingua 55425 LC
Hypsiboas faber 55479 LC
Dendropsophus minutus Lesser Treefrog 55565 LC
Dendropsophus nanus 55575 LC
Hypsiboas pulchellus 55619 LC
Hypsiboas punctatus Polka-dot Treefrog 55620 LC
Hypsiboas raniceps 55622 LC
Dendropsophus sanborni 55641 LC
Julianus uruguayus Schmidt's Uruguay Treefrog 55684 LC
Boana varelae 55686 DD
Lysapsus limellum 55764 LC
Itapotihyla langsdorffii 55796 LC
Trachycephalus imitatrix Rio Golden-eyed Treefrog 55820 LC
Trachycephalus typhonius 55824 LC
Phyllomedusa boliviana Red-rimmed Leaf Frog 55842 LC
Pithecopus hypochondrialis Orange-legged Leaf Frog 55853 LC
Phyllomedusa sauvagii 55863 LC
Phyllomedusa tetraploidea 55865 LC
Oreobates berdemenos 87734849 VU
Pseudis minuta 55903 LC
Scinax acuminatus 55921 LC
Scinax berthae 55934 LC
Scinax fuscomarginatus 55957 LC
Scinax fuscovarius Snouted Treefrog 55958 LC
Scinax granulatus 55960 LC
Scinax nasicus Lesser Snouted Treefrog 55980 LC
Scinax perereca 55987 LC
Scinax squalirostris 55996 LC
Adenomera diptyx 56307 LC
Adenomera hylaedactyla Napo Tropical Bullfrog 56309 LC
Alsodes pehuenche Pehuenche Spiny-chest Frog 56319 CR
Atelognathus patagonicus Patagonia Frog 56323 CR
Atelognathus praebasalticus Zapala Frog 56324 EN
Batrachyla antartandica Marbled Wood Frog 56330 LC
Batrachyla fitzroya 56331 VU
Batrachyla leptopus Grey Wood Frog 56332 LC
Batrachyla taeniata Banded Wood Frog 56334 LC
Ceratophrys cranwelli Chacoan Horned Frog 56338 LC
Ceratophrys ornata Ornate Horned Frog 56340 NT
Chacophrys pierottii 56343 LC
Crossodactylus schmidti 56355 NT
Oreobates discoidalis 56564 LC
Ischnocnema guentheri 56638 LC
Rhinella bernardoi 78585291 DD
Eupsophus emiliopugini Emilio's Ground Frog 57077 LC
Eupsophus vertebralis Valdivia Ground Frog 57080 LC
Hylorina sylvatica Emerald Forest Frog 57104 LC
Lepidobatrachus asper 57110 NT
Lepidobatrachus laevis Budgett's Frog 57111 LC
Lepidobatrachus llanensis 57112 LC
Melanophryniscus estebani 78520090 DD
Leptodactylus bufonius 57115 LC
Leptodactylus chaquensis Cei’s White Lipped Frog 57118 LC
Leptodactylus elenae 57124 LC
Leptodactylus fuscus Rufous Frog 57129 LC
Leptodactylus gracilis 57130 LC
Leptodactylus labyrinthicus Pepper Foam Frog 57137 LC
Leptodactylus laticeps Santa Fe Frog 57138 NT
Leptodactylus latinasus 57139 LC
Leptodactylus mystacinus 57147 LC
Leptodactylus latrans 57151 LC
Leptodactylus plaumanni 57156 LC
Leptodactylus podicipinus Pointedbelly Frog 57157 LC
Limnomedusa macroglossa Rapids Frog 57176 LC
Odontophrynus achalensis Achala Escuerzo-Frog 57185 VU
Odontophrynus americanus American Ground Frog 57186 LC
Odontophrynus barrioi Barrio's Escuerzo 57187 LC
Odontophrynus cordobae 57189 LC
Odontophrynus lavillai Cei's Escuerzo 57191 LC
Odontophrynus occidentalis 57193 LC
Physalaemus albonotatus Menwig Frog 57239 LC
Physalaemus biligonigerus Weeping Frog 57242 LC
Physalaemus cuqui 57249 LC
Physalaemus cuvieri 57250 LC
Physalaemus fernandezae 57255 LC
Physalaemus gracilis 57258 LC
Physalaemus henselii Hensel's Dwarf Frog 57259 LC
Physalaemus riograndensis 57274 LC
Physalaemus santafecinus Helvetia Dwarf Frog 57276 LC
Pleurodema borellii Rufous Four-eyed Frog 57282 LC
Pleurodema bufoninum Large Four-eyed Frog 57284 LC
Pleurodema cinereum Juliaca Four-eyed Frog 57285 LC
Pleurodema guayapae Guayapa’s Four-eyed Frog 57287 LC
Pleurodema kriegi Achala’s Four-eyed Frog 57288 NT
Pleurodema marmoratum Marbled Four-eyed Frog 57289 LC
Pleurodema nebulosum Mendoza Four-eyed Frog 57290 LC
Pleurodema thaul Chile Four-eyed Frog 57291 LC
Pleurodema tucumanum Spotted-flanks Four-eyed Frog 57292 LC
Proceratophrys avelinoi 57294 LC
Proceratophrys bigibbosa 57295 NT
Pseudopaludicola boliviana Bolivian Swamp Frog 57310 LC
Pseudopaludicola falcipes Hensel’s Swamp Frog 57313 LC
Pseudopaludicola mirandae 57316 DD
Pseudopaludicola mystacalis Cope’s Swamp Frog 57317 LC
Telmatobius ceiorum 57330 CR
Telmatobius contrerasi 57333 EN
Telmatobius hauthali 57340 EN
Telmatobius hypselocephalus 57343 EN


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)