List of Endangered species in Belize

This is a list of Endangered species in Belize according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

Vitex gaumeri Fiddlewood 37086 EN
Ateles geoffroyi Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey 2279 EN
Ateles geoffroyi ssp. yucatanensis Yucatán Spider Monkey 2290 EN
Pithecellobium johansenii 37462 EN
Pithecellobium stevensonii 37463 EN
Quiina schippii 37465 EN
Vitex kuylenii 37471 EN
Zanthoxylum belizense 37474 EN
Zanthoxylum procerum 37477 EN
Amazona oratrix Yellow-headed Amazon 22686337 EN
Amazona auropalliata Yellow-naped Amazon 22686342 EN
Coussarea imitans 126612199 EN
Vanilla planifolia 103090930 EN
Epigomphus maya Maya Knobtail 60256 EN
Alouatta pigra Yucatán Black Howler Monkey 914 EN
Zanthoxylum gentlei 30714 EN
Tapirus bairdii Baird's Tapir 21471 EN
Halichoeres socialis Social Wrasse 187435 EN
Vanilla hartii 22486114 EN
Setophaga chrysoparia Golden-cheeked Warbler 22721692 EN
Zamia variegata 42139 EN
Ceratozamia robusta 42144 EN
Trichilia breviflora 36087 EN
Vanilla odorata 105878864 EN
Petenaea cordata 126608826 EN
Sanopus splendidus Splendid Toadfish 19899 EN
Persea schiedeana Coyo Avocado 34402 EN
Craugastor sandersoni Sanderson's Streamfrog 56946 EN
Quercus insignis 194177 EN
Vanilla inodora 105899808 EN
Vanilla insignis 105879483 EN
Zanthoxylum ferrugineum 30671 EN


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)