List of AMPHIBIA species in Colombia

This is a list of AMPHIBIA in Colombia according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

Dendropsophus norandinus North Andean Treefrog 63062140 LC
Dendropsophus luddeckei 63062363 LC
Pristimantis leopardus 114139483 VU
Pristimantis dorado 120045943 EN
Silverstoneia dalyi 78586259 EN
Elachistocleis panamensis Panama Humming Frog 57761 LC
Ctenophryne minor Colombian Egg Frog 57802 DD
Silverstoneia gutturalis 78586320 DD
Silverstoneia minima 78586324 DD
Silverstoneia minutissima 78586339 NT
Silverstoneia punctiventris 78586360 EN
Ctenophryne aterrima Costa Rica Nelson Frog 57900 LC
Elachistocleis pearsei 57993 LC
Synapturanus rabus Vaupes Disc Frog 58017 LC
Chiasmocleis carvalhoi Carvalho's Silent Frog 58020 LC
Pipa parva 58162 LC
Agalychnis terranova 77185986 NT
Pristimantis yukpa 173004 LC
Pristimantis stictus 100099193 NT
Tepuihyla tuberculosa Canelos Treefrog 113788406 LC
Bolitoglossa adspersa Peter's Mushroomtongue Salamander 59135 LC
Bolitoglossa biseriata Two-lined Mushroomtongue Salamander 59140 LC
Bolitoglossa capitana Orphan Salamander 59142 CR
Bolitoglossa equatoriana Ecuador Mushroomtongue Salamander 59160 LC
Bolitoglossa hiemalis 59169 VU
Bolitoglossa hypacra Paramo Frontino Salamander 59170 LC
Bolitoglossa lozanoi 59175 LC
Bolitoglossa medemi Finca Chibigui Salamander 59178 VU
Bolitoglossa nicefori San Gil Mushroomtongue Salamander 59185 LC
Bolitoglossa palmata Amazon Mushroomtongue Salamander 59191 LC
Bolitoglossa pandi Pandi Mushroomtongue Salamander 59192 EN
Bolitoglossa phalarosoma Medellin Mushroomtongue Salamander 59195 DD
Bolitoglossa ramosi Ramos' Mushroomtongue Salamander 59198 NT
Bolitoglossa savagei Savage's Mushroomtongue Salamander 59204 NT
Bolitoglossa silverstonei Silverstone's Mushroomtongue Salamander 59206 DD
Bolitoglossa sima 59207 LC
Bolitoglossa vallecula Yarmal Mushroomtongue Salamander 59215 LC
Bolitoglossa walkeri Walker's Mushroomtongue Salamander 59217 NT
Oedipina complex Gamboa Worm Salamander 59310 LC
Oedipina parvipes Colombian Worm Salamander 59319 LC
Andinobates cassidyhornae 77318125 VU
Caecilia antioquiaensis Antioquia Caecilian 59503 DD
Caecilia bokermanni Bokermann's Caecilian 59506 DD
Caecilia caribea Pensilvania Caecilian 59507 DD
Caecilia corpulenta Solid Caecilian 59508 DD
Caecilia degenerata Garagoa Caecilian 59510 DD
Caecilia guntheri Günther's Caecilian 59515 DD
Caecilia isthmica 59517 DD
Caecilia leucocephala White-headed Caecilian 59518 LC
Caecilia nigricans Rio Lita Caecilian 59521 LC
Caecilia occidentalis Cauca Caecilian 59522 DD
Caecilia orientalis La Bonita Caecilian 59523 LC
Caecilia pachynema Intac Caecilian 59524 DD
Caecilia perdita Andagoya Caecilian 59525 LC
Caecilia subdermalis Moscopan Caecilian 59527 LC
Caecilia subnigricans Magdalena Valley Caecilian 59528 LC
Caecilia tenuissima Guayaquil Caecilian 59531 DD
Caecilia thompsoni Thompson's Caecilian 59532 LC
Dermophis glandulosus 59543 DD
Sachatamia electrops 125184151 EN
Allobates ignotus Nurse Frog of the Serranía de Perijá 77187242 EN
Microcaecilia albiceps Tiny White Caecilian 59570 LC
Pristimantis limoncochensis 87738555 NT
Oscaecilia ochrocephala Yellow-headed Caecilian 59583 LC
Oscaecilia polyzona New Granada Caecilian 59585 DD
Microcaecilia nicefori Honda Caecilian 59587 LC
Microcaecilia pricei El Centro Caecilian 59588 LC
Typhlonectes natans Rubber Eel 59601 LC
Hyloscirtus antioquia 78964958 VU
Epicrionops bicolor Two-coloured Caecilian 59639 LC
Epicrionops columbianus El Tambo Caecilian 59640 EN
Epicrionops parkeri Parker's Caecilian 59644 DD
Andinobates opisthomelas Andean Poison Frog 77318429 VU
Ectopoglossus absconditus 138004852 DD
Ectopoglossus saxatilis 138004865 DD
Rhaebo andinophrynoides 191005 VU
Hyloscirtus larinopygion Cordillera Central Treefrog 78965436 LC
Hyloscirtus tigrinus 158615 EN
Epipedobates narinensis 158618 DD
Oophaga histrionica Harlequin Poison Frog 144231367 CR
Espadarana audax Napo Giant Glass Frog 78163103 LC
Atelopus ardila 18435521 CR
Atelopus gigas 18435526 CR
Atelopus pastuso 18435537 CR
Oophaga solanensis 144232525 VU
Cryptobatrachus conditus 78459071 DD
Cryptobatrachus pedroruizi 78459104 EN
Cryptobatrachus ruthveni 78459148 EN
Pristimantis polemistes 61817 CR
Oophaga anchicayensis 144232997 EN
Dendropsophus manonegra 78484020 LC
Espadarana callistomma 135738 LC
Oophaga andresi 144233018 EN
Andinobates dorisswansonae 135747 VU
Atelopus marinkellei 81646204 EN
Pristimantis colonensis 135816 DD
Pristimantis zoilae 135823 DD
Pristimantis jubatus 135851 NT
Colostethus ucumari 135855 EN
Nymphargus vicenteruedai 135903 DD
Dendropsophus molitor Green Dotted Treefrog 89117408 LC
Atelopus ebenoides Huila Stubfoot Toad 81646342 CR
Pristimantis farisorum 78541617 NT
Pristimantis padrecarlosi 136022 DD
Bolitoglossa tatamae 136027 EN
Andinobates tolimensis 136028 VU
Atelopus mittermeieri 136033 EN
Leptodactylus rhodomerus Red-thighed Thin-toed Frog 136050 LC
Leptodactylus savagei Savage's Thin-toed Frog 136079 LC
Allobates niputidea 136098 LC
Rhaebo lynchi 136106 DD
Andinobates daleswansoni 136124 EN
Boana nympha 136184 LC
Pristimantis carlossanchezi 136189 EN
Rhaebo atelopoides Western Andes Toad 54461 CR
Rhaebo colomai Carchi Andes Toad 54462 EN
Craugastor metriosistus 88298694 LC
Bolitoglossa guaneae 77345997 VU
Atelopus angelito 54488 CR
Atelopus arsyecue 54489 CR
Atelopus carauta Rio Carauta Stubfoot Toad 54494 DD
Atelopus carrikeri Guajira Stubfoot Toad 54496 EN
Atelopus chocoensis 54499 CR
Atelopus elegans Elegant Stubfoot Toad 54505 CR
Atelopus eusebianus Malvasa Stubfoot Toad 54507 CR
Atelopus famelicus 54509 CR
Atelopus farci Forest Stubfoot Toad 54510 CR
Atelopus galactogaster Antado Stubfoot Toad 54513 DD
Atelopus glyphus Pirre Harlequin Frog 54514 CR
Atelopus guitarraensis 54516 DD
Sachatamia albomaculata White-spotted Cochran Frog 54944 LC
Atelopus laetissimus 54519 EN
Atelopus longibrachius El Tambo Stubfoot Toad 54521 EN
Atelopus lozanoi Lynch's Stubfoot Toad 54523 EN
Atelopus mandingues 54525 DD
Atelopus minutulus Colombian Stubfoot Toad 54527 CR
Atelopus monohernandezii 54528 CR
Atelopus muisca La Arboleda Stubfoot Toad 54530 EN
Atelopus nahumae 54531 EN
Atelopus nicefori Niceforo's Stubfoot Toad 54534 CR
Atelopus pedimarmoratus San Isidro Stubfoot Toad 54538 CR
Atelopus petriruizi Painted Stubfoot Toad 54540 CR
Atelopus pictiventris Painted Stubfoot Toad 54541 CR
Atelopus quimbaya 54545 CR
Atelopus sanjosei Anori Stubfoot Toad 54547 DD
Atelopus sernai 54550 CR
Atelopus simulatus 54551 CR
Atelopus sonsonensis 54553 CR
Atelopus spurrelli Condoto Stubfoot Toad 54556 NT
Atelopus subornatus Bogota Stubfoot Toad 54557 CR
Atelopus tamaense Tamá Harlequin Toad 54558 CR
Atelopus walkeri Walker's Stubfoot Toad 54562 DD
Rhinella beebei 54585 LC
Rhaebo blombergi Blomberg's Toad 54590 NT
Pristimantis quicato 78550353 NT
Incilius coniferus Evergreen Toad 54614 LC
Rhinella cristinae 54619 EN
Rhaebo glaberrimus 54651 LC
Rhaebo haematiticus Truando Toad 54660 LC
Rhaebo hypomelas Choco Toad 54666 LC
Rhinella sternosignata Falcon Toad 54767 NT
Osornophryne bufoniformis 54856 NT
Osornophryne guacamayo Guacamayo Plump Toad 54857 EN
Osornophryne percrassa Herveo Plump Toad 54858 VU
Osornophryne talipes Cannatella's Plump Toad 54860 VU
Rhinella acrolopha Cerro Mali Beaked Toad 54875 DD
Rhinella lindae Murri Beaked Toad 54877 EN
Rhinella macrorhina Santa Rita Beaked Toad 54878 VU
Rhinella nicefori Colombian Beaked Toad 54879 EN
Rhinella rostrata Mesopotamia Beaked Toad 54881 CR
Rhinella ruizi 54882 VU
Rhinella tenrec Antioquia Beaked Toad 54883 EN
Rhinella truebae Trueb's Beaked Toad 54884 DD
Centrolene acanthidiocephalum Santander Giant Glass Frog 54900 DD
Espadarana andina Andes Giant Glass Frog 54902 LC
Centrolene antioquiense Antioquia Giant Glass Frog 54903 NT
Centrolene bacatum 54906 DD
Centrolene ballux Burrowes' Giant Glass Frog 54907 EN
Centrolene buckleyi Buckley's Giant Glass Frog 54908 VU
Centrolene geckoideum Pacific Giant Glass Frog 54911 CR
Centrolene guanacarum 54915 DD
Centrolene heloderma Pichincha Giant Glass Frog 54916 VU
Centrolene huilense Huila Glass Frog 54918 EN
Centrolene hybrida Eastern Giant Glass Frog 54919 LC
Nymphargus grandisonae Red-spotted Glassfrog 54914 LC
Sachatamia ilex Limon Giant Glass Frog 54920 LC
Cochranella litoralis 54923 VU
Centrolene lynchi Lynch's Giant Glass Frog 54924 EN
Centrolene medemi 54926 EN
Centrolene notostictum 54928 LC
Centrolene paezorum Colombian Giant Glass Frog 54929 DD
Centrolene peristictum Tandapi Giant Glass Frog 54931 LC
Centrolene petrophilum Boyaca Giant Glass Frog 54932 EN
Espadarana prosoblepon Nicaragua Giant Glass Frog 54934 LC
Centrolene quindianum 54937 VU
Centrolene robledoi 54938 LC
Centrolene sanchezi Sanchez's Giant Glass Frog 54939 DD
Centrolene scirtetes Tandayapa Giant Glass Frog 54940 EN
Ikakogi tayrona Magdalena Giant Glass Frog 54941 VU
Nymphargus armatus 54947 CR
Nymphargus balionota Mindo Cochran Frog 54948 VU
Nymphargus chami 54952 NT
Nymphargus cristinae 54955 DD
Centrolene daidaleum Alban Cochran Frog 54957 VU
Cochranella euknemos San Jose Cochran Frog 54960 LC
Nymphargus garciae 54962 VU
Nymphargus griffithsi Ecuador Cochran Frog 54965 LC
Nymphargus ignotus Lynch's Cochran Frog 54966 LC
Nymphargus luminosus 54967 EN
Nymphargus luteopunctatus 54968 EN
Nymphargus megacheirus Santa Rosa Cochran Frog 54969 EN
Cochranella megistra Urrao Cochran Frog 54970 EN
Nymphargus nephelophila Florencia Cochran Frog 54972 DD
Sachatamia orejuela 54976 LC
Nymphargus oreonympha Caqueta Cochran Frog 54977 LC
Nymphargus posadae 54981 LC
Nymphargus prasinus Rio Calima Cochran Frog 54982 VU
Cochranella ramirezi Ramirez's Cochran Frog 54984 DD
Cochranella resplendens Resplendent Cochran Frog 54985 LC
Nymphargus rosada 54988 VU
Nymphargus ruizi Ruiz's Cochran Frog 54989 VU
Centrolene savagei Savage's Cochran Frog 54990 LC
Nymphargus siren Rio Coca Cochran Frog 54992 VU
Centrolene solitaria Lonely Cochran Frog 54993 EN
Nymphargus spilotus 54995 NT
Rulyrana susatamai 54997 NT
Teratohyla spinosa Spiny Cochran Frog 54996 LC
Cochranella xanthocheridia 55001 VU
Hyalinobatrachium aureoguttatum Atrato Glass Frog 55003 NT
Hyalinobatrachium chirripoi Suretka Glass Frog 55006 LC
Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllum Plantation Glass Frog 55007 LC
Hyalinobatrachium esmeralda 55012 EN
Hyalinobatrachium ibama 55019 VU
Teratohyla pulverata Chiriqui Glass Frog 55030 LC
Hyalinobatrachium ruedai 55032 LC
Hyalinobatrachium valerioi La Palma Glass Frog 55036 LC
Hyloxalus abditaurantius Bello Rocket Frog 55041 CR
Colostethus agilis Cauca Rocket Frog 55042 EN
Colostethus alacris Finca Primavera Rocket Frog 55043 DD
Anomaloglossus atopoglossus 55048 DD
Hyloxalus betancuri 55053 DD
Hyloxalus bocagei 55054 LC
Hyloxalus borjai 55055 DD
Leucostethus brachistriatus Stripe-throated Rocket Frog 55056 LC
Hyloxalus breviquartus Urrao Rocket Frog 55057 DD
Allobates cepedai 55064 DD
Hyloxalus chocoensis Choco Rocket Frog 55067 DD
Colostethus dysprosium 55073 DD
Hyloxalus edwardsi Edwards' Rocket Frog 55074 CR
Silverstoneia erasmios 55076 EN
Hyloxalus excisus 55078 DD
Hyloxalus faciopunctulatus Puerto Narino Rocket Frog 55079 DD
Hyloxalus fascianigrus 55081 VU
Leucostethus fraterdanieli Santa Rita Rocket Frog 55083 LC
Colostethus furviventris 55087 DD
Colostethus imbricolus Silverstone's Rocket Frog 55094 EN
Colostethus inguinalis Common Rocket Frog 55096 LC
Allobates juanii 55099 CR
Atelopus nocturnus Nocturnal Harlequin Toad 21567292 CR
Anomaloglossus lacrimosus Lowland Rocket Frog 55101 DD
Hyloxalus lehmanni Lehmann's Rocket Frog 55103 NT
Colostethus lynchi 55106 DD
Rulyrana adiazeta Western Cochran Frog 54943 VU
Colostethus mertensi Mertens' Rocket Frog 55115 VU
Silverstoneia nubicola Boquete Rocket Frog 55121 NT
Rheobates palmatus Palm Rocket Frog 55124 LC
Colostethus panamansis Panama Rocket Frog 55125 LC
Allobates picachos 55131 DD
Hyloxalus pinguis Malvasa Rocket Frog 55132 EN
Colostethus pratti Pratt's Rocket Frog 55135 LC
Rheobates pseudopalmatus 55136 DD
Hyloxalus pulchellus Espada's Rocket Frog 55137 NT
Leucostethus ramirezi 55139 EN
Hyloxalus ramosi Ramos' Rocket Frog 55140 EN
Allobates ranoides Llanos Rocket Frog 55141 EN
Hyloxalus ruizi Ruiz's Rocket Frog 55143 CR
Colostethus ruthveni 55144 NT
Hyloxalus saltuarius 55145 DD
Hyloxalus sauli 55148 LC
Hyloxalus subpunctatus Bogota Rocket Frog 55152 LC
Allobates talamancae Talamanca Rocket Frog 55155 LC
Colostethus thorntoni Thornton's Rocket Frog 55158 DD
Hyloxalus vergeli Hellmich's Rocket Frog 55164 VU
Allobates wayuu 55166 LC
Colostethus yaguara 55168 DD
Andinobates altobueyensis Alto de Buey Poison Frog 55171 DD
Dendrobates auratus Green And Black Poison Frog 55174 LC
Andinobates bombetes Cauca Poison Frog 55177 VU
Andinobates fulguritus Yellowbelly Poison Frog 55184 LC
Andinobates minutus Blue-bellied Poison-arrow Frog 55192 LC
Oophaga lehmanni Red-banded Poison Frog 55190 CR
Oophaga occultator La Brea Poison Frog 55194 CR
Oophaga sylvatica 55203 NT
Dendrobates truncatus Yellow-striped Poison-arrow Frog 55205 LC
Andinobates viridis Green Poison Frog 55210 CR
Andinobates virolinensis Santander Poison Frog 55211 VU
Ameerega andina La Planada Poison Frog 55212 CR
Ameerega bilinguis Ecuador Poison Frog 55215 LC
Epipedobates boulengeri Marbled Poison Frog 55217 LC
Ameerega ingeri Niceforo's Poison Frog 55224 DD
Allobates myersi Myers' Poison Frog 55228 LC
Cruziohyla calcarifer Splendid Leaf Frog 55289 LC
Agalychnis spurrelli Gliding Leaf Frog 55295 LC
Cryptobatrachus boulengeri Boulenger's Backpack Frog 55304 VU
Cryptobatrachus fuhrmanni Fuhrmann's Backpack Frog 55305 LC
Hyla nicefori Colombian Backpack Frog 55306 DD
Flectonotus pygmaeus 55319 LC
Gastrotheca andaquiensis Andes Marsupial Frog 55321 LC
Gastrotheca angustifrons Pacific Marsupial Frog 55322 CR
Gastrotheca argenteovirens Popayan Marsupial Frog 55324 LC
Gastrotheca aureomaculata Gold-spotted Marsupial Frog 55325 EN
Gastrotheca bufona Antioquia Marsupial Frog 55326 VU
Gastrotheca cornuta Horned Marsupial Frog 55329 EN
Gastrotheca dendronastes Rio Calima Marsupial Frog 55330 EN
Gastrotheca dunni Dunn's Marsupial Frog 55331 LC
Gastrotheca espeletia North Shore Marsupial Frog 55332 EN
Gastrotheca guentheri Gunther's Marsupial Frog 55338 DD
Gastrotheca helenae Helena's Marsupial Frog 55339 DD
Rulyrana flavopunctata 54961 LC
Gastrotheca nicefori Niceforo's Marsupial Frog 55347 LC
Gastrotheca orophylax Papallacta Marsupial Frog 55349 VU
Gastrotheca ruizi Ruiz's Marsupial Frog 55358 NT
Gastrotheca trachyceps Cerro Munchique Marsupial Frog 55362 EN
Gastrotheca weinlandii Weinland's Marsupial Frog 55364 DD
Hemiphractus bubalus Ecuador Horned Treefrog 55366 NT
Hemiphractus fasciatus Banded Horned Treefrog 55367 NT
Hemiphractus helioi 55368 LC
Hemiphractus johnsoni Johnson's Horned Treefrogs 55369 EN
Hemiphractus proboscideus Sumaco Horned Treefrogs 55370 LC
Hyloscirtus albopunctulatus White-speckled Treefrog 55379 LC
Hyloscirtus alytolylax 55386 NT
Dendropsophus bogerti 55417 LC
Hyloscirtus bogotensis Bogota Treefrog 55418 NT
Hyloscirtus callipeza Sardinata Treefrog 55427 VU
Hyloscirtus caucanus Cauca Treefrog 55436 DD
Sachatamia punctulata 54983 VU
Dendropsophus columbianus Boettger's Colombian Treefrog 55454 LC
Hyloscirtus denticulentus Charta Treefrog 55468 VU
Dendropsophus garagoensis Garagoa Treefrog 55485 LC
Boana hutchinsi Hutchins' Treefrog 55505 LC
Hypsiboas hobbsi 55504 LC
Scinax karenanneae Vaupes Treefrog 55525 LC
Hyloscirtus lascinius 55532 LC
Hyloscirtus lindae Linda's Treefrog 55540 LC
Hyloscirtus lynchi Lynch's Colombian Treefrog 55546 CR
Dendropsophus mathiassoni Mathiasson's Treefrog 55550 LC
Dendropsophus minusculus 55564 LC
Dendropsophus padreluna 55584 LC
Hyloscirtus palmeri Palmer's Treefrog 55586 LC
Hyloscirtus pantostictus Rio Chingual Valley Treefrog 55587 CR
Dendropsophus pelidna 55591 LC
Boana pellucens Palm Treefrog 55593 LC
Ecnomiohyla phantasmagoria 55597 DD
Dendropsophus phlebodes San Carlos Treefrog 55598 LC
Hyloscirtus phyllognathus Roque Treefrog 55599 LC
Hyloscirtus piceigularis Rio Luisito Treefrog 55601 EN
Hypsiboas picturatus 55604 LC
Hyloscirtus platydactylus Merida Andes Treefrog 55607 VU
Dendropsophus praestans San Agustin Treefrog 55610 LC
Hyloscirtus psarolaimus Papallacta Treefrog 55612 VU
Hypsiboas pugnax Chirique-Flusse Treefrog 55618 LC
Hypsiboas rosenbergi Rosenberg's Treefrog 55632 LC
Boana rubracyla Valle Treefrog 55635 LC
Hyloscirtus sarampiona Western Andes Treefrog 55643 EN
Pristimantis jaguensis 78543203 LC
Hyloscirtus simmonsi Simmons' Treefrog 55656 VU
Dendropsophus stingi Kaplan's Garagoa Treefrog 55665 LC
Dendropsophus subocularis Rio Tuquesa Treefrog 55667 LC
Hyloscirtus torrenticola El Pepino Treefrog 55678 VU
Dendropsophus virolinensis 55689 LC
Scarthyla vigilans 55688 LC
Nyctimantis rugiceps Brown-eyed Treefrog 55765 LC
Nymphargus caucanus 125188592 EN
Osteocephalus heyeri 55795 LC
Osteocephalus planiceps 55801 LC
Osteocephalus verruciger Ecuador Slender-legged Treefrog 55804 LC
Osteocephalus yasuni 55805 LC
Pristimantis jorgevelosai 56685 EN
Agalychnis buckleyi 55843 LC
Agalychnis danieli Antioquia Leaf Frog 55848 DD
Phyllomedusa coelestis 55847 LC
Agalychnis lemur Lemur Leaf Frog 55855 CR
Callimedusa perinesos Orange-spotted Leaf Frog 55860 DD
Agalychnis psilopygion 55861 DD
Phyllomedusa venusta 55869 LC
Scinax blairi Blair's Snouted Treefrog 55935 LC
Scinax boulengeri Boulenger's Snouted Treefrog 55937 LC
Scinax elaeochrous Sipurio Snouted Treefrog 55952 LC
Scinax ictericus 55965 LC
Scinax kennedyi 55969 LC
Scinax manriquei 55976 LC
Scinax quinquefasciatus 55990 LC
Scinax rostratus Caracas Snouted Treefrog 55993 LC
Scinax sugillatus 55999 LC
Scinax wandae 56004 LC
Smilisca phaeota New Granada Cross-banded Treefrog 56008 LC
Smilisca sila Panama Cross-banded Treefrog 56010 LC
Smilisca sordida Veragua Cross-banded Treefrog 56011 LC
Trachycephalus jordani Jordan's Casque-headed Treefrog 56049 LC
Ranitomeya defleri 78584789 LC
Adelophryne adiastola Yapima Shield Frog 56299 LC
Atopophrynus syntomopus Sonson Frog 56326 CR
Ceratophrys calcarata Venezuelan Horned Frog 56336 LC
Pristimantis aaptus 56386 LC
Pristimantis acatallelus Cauca Robber Frog 56388 LC
Pristimantis achatinus Cachabi Robber Frog 56390 LC
Pristimantis actinolaimus 56392 EN
Pristimantis acutirostris Sharpsnout Robber Frog 56395 EN
Niceforonia aderca 56398 DD
Pristimantis aemulatus 56399 EN
Pristimantis affinis Cundinamarca Robber Frog 56400 EN
Pristimantis alalocophus Quindio Robber Frog 56401 EN
Pristimantis albericoi 56402 CR
Strabomantis anatipes Anatipes Robber Frog 56412 VU
Pristimantis angustilineatus 56420 EN
Pristimantis anolirex Santander Robber Frog 56421 NT
Strabomantis anomalus Choco Robber Frog 56422 LC
Diasporus anthrax 56424 VU
Pristimantis apiculatus La Planada Robber Frog 56427 EN
Pristimantis appendiculatus 56429 LC
Pristimantis aurantiguttatus 56439 EN
Niceforonia babax Narino Robber Frog 56446 LC
Pristimantis bacchus Wine Robber Frog 56447 EN
Pristimantis baiotis 56448 NT
Pristimantis batrachites 56454 DD
Pristimantis bellona Murri Robber Frog 56457 EN
Pristimantis bernali Argelia Robber Frog 56459 CR
Pristimantis bicolor Two-colored Robber Frog 56460 VU
Pristimantis bogotensis Bogota Robber Frog 56469 LC
Pristimantis boulengeri Boulenger's Robber Frog 56471 LC
Pristimantis brevifrons Cali Robber Frog 56474 LC
Pristimantis buckleyi 56481 LC
Strabomantis bufoniformis Rusty Robber Frog 56482 LC
Pristimantis cabrerai Valle Robber Frog 56483 DD
Pristimantis cacao Cacao Robber Frog 56484 CR
Strabomantis cadenai Nutibara Robber Frog 56485 CR
Pristimantis calcaratus San Antonio Robber Frog 56487 VU
Pristimantis calcarulatus 56488 VU
Pristimantis capitonis 56491 EN
Pristimantis caprifer La Palma Robber Frog 56492 LC
Pristimantis carmelitae Carmelita's Robber Frog 56494 EN
Pristimantis carranguerorum 56495 EN
Pristimantis caryophyllaceus La Loma Robber Frog 56497 NT
Pristimantis celator La Delicia Robber Frog 56500 NT
Strabomantis cerastes 56502 LC
Pristimantis chalceus 56505 LC
Strabomantis cheiroplethus Rio Calles Robber Frog 56508 EN
Pristimantis chloronotus Green Robber Frog 56510 LC
Pristimantis chrysops 56512 CR
Pristimantis colomai 56518 VU
Pristimantis corniger 56523 EN
Strabomantis cornutus Rio Suno Robber Frog 56524 VU
Craugastor crassidigitus Isla Bonita Robber Frog 56528 LC
Pristimantis cristinae Cristina's Robber Frog 56532 EN
Pristimantis croceoinguinis 56533 LC
Pristimantis cuentasi 56542 EN
Pristimantis curtipes 56546 LC
Pristimantis degener Orange Robber Frog 56552 EN
Pristimantis deinops 56553 CR
Pristimantis delicatus Delicate Robber Frog 56554 EN
Pristimantis diaphonus Rio Calima Robber Frog 56559 CR
Pristimantis diogenes 56563 CR
Niceforonia dolops Putumayo Robber Frog 56568 VU
Pristimantis dorsopictus Serna's Robber Frog 56569 VU
Pristimantis duellmani Duellman's Robber Frog 56571 VU
Pristimantis duende 56572 VU
Niceforonia elassodiscus Cuyuja Robber Frog 56575 NT
Pristimantis elegans Elegant Robber Frog 56576 VU
Tachiramantis douglasi 56570 VU
Pristimantis epacrus 56580 LC
Pristimantis eremitus 56583 VU
Pristimantis eriphus Moss Robber Frog 56584 VU
Pristimantis erythropleura Colombian Robber Frog 56587 LC
Hyalinobatrachium munozorum Upper Amazon Glass Frog 195860 LC
Pristimantis factiosus 56596 LC
Pristimantis fallax 56597 VU
Craugastor fitzingeri Fitzinger's Robber Frog 56601 LC
Pristimantis fetosus 56600 NT
Pristimantis frater Meta Robber Frog 56606 LC
Pristimantis gaigei Fort Randolph Robber Frog 56609 LC
Pristimantis gladiator 56615 VU
Pristimantis gracilis Pichinde Robber Frog 56626 VU
Pristimantis grandiceps Giant Robber Frog 56628 EN
Diasporus gularis Esmeraldas Robber Frog 56640 LC
Pristimantis hectus Dwarf Robber Frog 56647 DD
Pristimantis helvolus 56650 EN
Pristimantis hernandezi Hernandez's Robber Frog 56652 EN
Pristimantis hybotragus Agua Bonita Robber Frog 56657 EN
Pristimantis illotus Dirty Rainfrog 56663 NT
Strabomantis ingeri Inger's Robber Frog 56670 VU
Pristimantis insignitus Ground Robber Frog 56673 NT
Pristimantis ixalus 56678 DD
Pristimantis jaimei Jaime's Robber Frog 56680 CR
Pristimantis johannesdei 56683 VU
Pristimantis juanchoi 56687 VU
Pristimantis kelephus 56692 CR
Pristimantis labiosus 56694 LC
Pristimantis lasalleorum 56701 EN
Niceforonia latens Boqueron Robber Frog 56702 VU
Pristimantis laticlavius Burrowes' Robber Frog 56704 DD
Pristimantis latidiscus 56706 LC
Pristimantis lemur 56709 VU
Tachiramantis lentiginosus Guacharaquita Robber Frog 56710 DD
Pristimantis leoni 56713 LC
Pristimantis leptolophus Volcano Robber Frog 56715 LC
Pristimantis leucopus 56716 DD
Pristimantis lichenoides 56718 CR
Craugastor longirostris Longsnout Robber Frog 56728 LC
Pristimantis loustes Maldonado Robber Frog 56729 EN
Pristimantis lutitus Rio Luisito Robber Frog 56734 EN
Pristimantis lynchi Lynch's Robber Frog 56736 LC
Pristimantis lythrodes 56737 LC
Pristimantis maculosus Spotted Robber Frog 56738 VU
Niceforonia mantipus Mantipus Robber Frog 56741 LC
Pristimantis mars 56745 CR
Pristimantis medemi 56750 LC
Pristimantis megalops San Lorenzo Robber Frog 56752 NT
Pristimantis merostictus Bogotacito Robber Frog 56762 VU
Pristimantis miyatai Miyata's Robber Frog 56768 LC
Pristimantis mnionaetes 56769 EN
Pristimantis molybrignus Uribe Robber Frog 56772 CR
Pristimantis moro La Hondura Robber Frog 56777 LC
Pristimantis myersi 56781 LC
Pristimantis myops 56783 DD
Strabomantis necerus Mindo Robber Frog 56785 CR
Pristimantis nervicus 56788 LC
Pristimantis nicefori 56789 LC
Niceforonia nigrovittata Black-banded Robber Frog 56792 LC
Strabomantis necopinus 56786 VU
Pristimantis obmutescens Paramos Robber Frog 56800 LC
Pristimantis ocellatus 56802 DD
Craugastor opimus 56811 LC
Pristimantis orpacobates 56817 NT
Pristimantis paisa 56820 LC
Pristimantis palmeri Palmer's Robber Frog 56823 LC
Pristimantis parectatus 56829 EN
Pristimantis parvillus 56830 LC
Pristimantis penelopus 56841 LC
Pristimantis peraticus Tenerife Robber Frog 56843 LC
Pristimantis permixtus 56846 LC
Phyllobates aurotaenia Kokoe Poison Frog 55261 LC
Pristimantis petersi Peters' Robber Frog 56849 NT
Pristimantis phalarus 56852 EN
Phyllobates bicolor Two-toned Arrow-poison Frog 55262 EN
Pristimantis phragmipleuron Sugar Robber Frog 56856 CR
Pristimantis piceus 56857 LC
Phyllobates terribilis Golden Poison Frog 55264 EN
Pristimantis platychilus 56865 VU
Pristimantis polychrus 56871 VU
Tachiramantis prolixodiscus 56879 LC
Pristimantis pseudoacuminatus 56883 LC
Pristimantis ptochus 56885 EN
Pristimantis pugnax Agua Robber Frog 56886 VU
Pristimantis quantus 56893 EN
Diasporus quidditus 56895 LC
Pristimantis quinquagesimus Zapadores Robber Frog 56896 VU
Pristimantis racemus Las Hermosas Robber Frog 56897 LC
Craugastor raniformis Robber Frog 56900 LC
Pristimantis reclusas 56903 CR
Pristimantis renjiforum 56904 EN
Pristimantis repens Galeras Robber Frog 56905 VU
Pristimantis restrepoi 56906 LC
Pristimantis ridens Rio San Juan Robber Frog 56916 LC
Rhinella paraguas 78585428 LC
Pristimantis rosadoi Rosado's Robber Frog 56923 VU
Pristimantis roseus Andagoya Robber Frog 56924 LC
Pristimantis ruedai 56929 VU
Strabomantis ruizi 56936 EN
Pristimantis ruthveni Ruthven's Robber Frog 56939 EN
Pristimantis sanctaemartae Santa Marta Robber Frog 56945 NT
Pristimantis sanguineus 56947 NT
Pristimantis satagius 56949 EN
Pristimantis savagei Pyburn's Robber Frog 56950 NT
Pristimantis scoloblepharus Los Patos Robber Frog 56957 EN
Pristimantis scolodiscus Ricuarte Robber Frog 56958 VU
Pristimantis scopaeus 56959 LC
Pristimantis signifer 56962 VU
Pristimantis silverstonei 56963 VU
Pristimantis simoteriscus 56966 EN
Pristimantis simoterus Albania Robber Frog 56967 NT
Pristimantis siopelus Reserve Robber Frog 56969 EN
Pristimantis spilogaster Gambita Robber Frog 56974 CR
Pristimantis subsigillatus 56981 LC
Pristimantis suetus 56982 VU
Pristimantis sulculus Channel Robber Frog 56984 EN
Pristimantis supernatis El Carmelo Robber Frog 56985 VU
Pristimantis susaguae 56987 EN
Pristimantis taciturnus 56990 DD
Pristimantis taeniatus Banded Robber Frog 56991 LC
Pristimantis tamsitti San Adolfo Robber Frog 56993 NT
Pristimantis tayrona Cebolleta Robber Frog 56997 NT
Pristimantis thectopternus Northern Cordilleras Robber Frog 57002 LC
Pristimantis thymelensis 57006 LC
Diasporus tinker 57008 LC
Pristimantis torrenticola 57011 CR
Pristimantis tribulosus 57015 CR
Pristimantis tubernasus Pregonero Robber Frog 57017 DD
Pristimantis uisae 57021 VU
Pristimantis unistrigatus 57024 LC
Pristimantis uranobates Caldas Robber Frog 57026 LC
Pristimantis veletis 57032 CR
Pristimantis verecundus Zacualtipan Robber Frog 57036 NT
Pristimantis vicarius Coconuco Robber Frog 57041 NT
Pristimantis viejas 57043 LC
Pristimantis viridicans Cerro Munchique Robber Frog 57046 EN
Pristimantis viridis 57047 EN
Pristimantis w-nigrum 57057 LC
Pristimantis xeniolum 57058 VU
Pristimantis xestus 57059 VU
Pristimantis xylochobates 57061 CR
Pristimantis zophus 57068 NT
Strabomantis zygodactylus Danubio Robber Frog 57070 LC
Geobatrachus walkeri Walker's Sierra Frog 57081 EN
Leptodactylus colombiensis 57119 LC
Leptodactylus hallowelli 57132 DD
Leptodactylus lithonaetes 57141 LC
Leptodactylus poecilochilus Turbo White-lipped Frog 57158 LC
Gastrotheca antomia 55323 CR
Leptodactylus ventrimaculatus 57173 LC
Niceforonia adenobrachia 57198 EN
Niceforonia brunnea Carchi Andes Frog 57203 EN
Niceforonia columbiana Colombian Andes Frog 57205 DD
Niceforonia nana Santander Andes Frog 57219 VU
Physalaemus fischeri Fischer’s Dwarf Frog 57256 LC
Engystomops petersi Peters’ Dwarf Frog 57270 LC
Pseudopaludicola llanera Lynch’s Swamp Frog 57314 LC
Pseudopaludicola pusilla Colombian Swamp Frog 57318 LC


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)