List of REPTILIA species in Colombia

This is a list of REPTILIA in Colombia according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

Anadia antioquensis 48832571 VU
Atractus echidna 44581051 DD
Atractus indistinctus Indistinct Ground Snake 44581078 DD
Atractus iridescens Iridescent Ground Snake 44581089 LC
Atractus lasallei Lasalle's Ground Snake 44581109 LC
Atractus lehmanni Lehmann's Ground Snake 44581120 DD
Atractus loveridgei Loveridge's Ground Snake 44581131 DD
Atractus macondo 44581151 DD
Atractus manizalesensis 44581160 LC
Atractus medusa 44581169 DD
Atractus melanogaster Blackbelly Ground Snake 44581178 DD
Atractus melas Dark Ground Snake 44581189 LC
Atractus multicinctus Banded Ground Snake 44581200 LC
Atractus nasutus 44581216 DD
Atractus nigriventris Black-ventered Ground Snake 44581234 DD
Atractus obesus Fat Ground Snake 44581245 DD
Atractus oculotemporalis Hispanic Ground Snake 44581271 DD
Atractus paisa 44581291 LC
Atractus pamplonensis Pamplona Ground Snake 44581300 LC
Atractus titanicus 44581333 LC
Atractus trivittatus Three-banded Ground Snake 44581357 DD
Atractus typhon 44581368 DD
Atractus univittatus One-banded Ground Snake 44581377 LC
Atractus variegatus Variegated Ground Snake 44581392 DD
Atractus vertebrolineatus Striped Ground Snake 44581403 DD
Atractus wagleri Wagler's Ground Snake 44581414 LC
Atractus werneri Werner's Ground Snake 44581425 LC
Dipsas baliomelas 44581447 DD
Dipsas pratti Pratt's Snail-eater 44581484 LC
Mesoclemmys dahli Dahl's Toad-headed Turtle 17080 CR
Enulius flavitorques Pacific Longtail Snake 197484 LC
Gymnophthalmus speciosus 197488 LC
Imantodes gemmistratus Central American Tree Snake 197490 LC
Saphenophis antioquiensis Dunn's Saphenophis Snake 44581779 DD
Saphenophis boursieri 44581808 NT
Saphenophis sneiderni Saphenophis Snake 44581823 EN
Saphenophis tristriatus 44581834 DD
Synophis plectovertebralis 44581867 CR
Thamnodynastes gambotensis 44581876 LC
Micrurus camilae 44581946 DD
Micrurus oligoanellatus 44581998 DD
Micrurus ornatissimus 44582007 LC
Micrurus spurrelli 44582083 NT
Bothrops venezuelensis Venezuela Lancehead 44582180 LC
Podocnemis lewyana Magdalena River Turtle 17823 CR
Atractus fuliginosus Hallowell's Ground Snake 67610419 DD
Atractus obtusirostris Bignose Ground Snake 174092 DD
Erythrolamprus melanotus Shaw's Dark Ground Snake 174098 LC
Micrurus multiscutatus Cauca Coral Snake 174106 NT
Kinosternon dunni Dunn's Mud Turtle 11008 VU
Amphisbaena medemi 44550971 DD
Mesobaena huebneri Inirida Worm Lizard 44550993 LC
Rhinoclemmys annulata Brown Land Turtle 19501 LR/nt
Rhinoclemmys nasuta Large-nosed Wood Turtle 19505 LR/nt
Chironius spixii Sipo 68603427 LC
Ptychoglossus bicolor Werner's Largescale Lizard 178200 VU
Stenocercus iridescens 44579917 LC
Phrynonax shropshirei Shropshire's Puffing Snake 15183756 LC
Liotyphlops argaleus 176259 LC
Atractus biseriatus Two-lined Ground Snake 176350 DD
Atractus bocourti Bocourt's Ground Snake 176351 LC
Atractus crassicaudatus Thickhead Ground Snake 176352 LC
Atractus limitaneus Limitan Ground Snake 176354 LC
Atractus nicefori Northern Ground Snake 176357 VU
Dendrophidion prolixum 48328975 LC
Anolis anoriensis 44577227 LC
Anolis danieli 44577320 LC
Anolis ibague Ibague Anole 44577413 DD
Plesiodipsas perijanensis Alemán's Snail-eater 176793 DD
Dipsas sanctijoannis Tropical Snail-eater 176794 LC
Dipsas peruana Peruvian Thirst Snake 176796 LC
Drymarchon caudomaculatus 176797 LC
Erythrolamprus bizona Double-banded Coral Snake Mimic 176805 LC
Helicops scalaris Hoge's Keelback 176811 LC
Imantodes inornatus Plain Tree Snake 176820 LC
Ptychoglossus festae Peracca's Largescale Lizard 203059 LC
Leptophis santamartensis 176825 DD
Anolis mariarum Blemished Anole 44577482 LC
Anolis menta Mixed Anole 44577506 NT
Ptychoglossus danieli 29409 CR
Ptychoglossus gorgonae 29410 DD
Nothopsis rugosus Rough Coffee Snake 176869 LC
Ptychoglossus romaleos 29412 DD
Ptychoglossus vallensis 29413 LC
Anolis nicefori Niceforo's Andes Anole 44577530 LC
Anolis paravertebralis 44577638 DD
Anolis propinquus 44577673 DD
Anolis santamartae Santa Marta Anole 44577743 DD
Lampropeltis micropholis 67662806 LC
Anolis solitarius Solitaire Anole 44577767 NT
Stenocercus angel 48616468 NT
Anolis vicarius 44577859 DD
Thamnodynastes dixoni 49845483 LC
Thamnodynastes paraguanae 49845492 LC
Oxyrhopus leucomelas Werner's False Coral Snake 177431 LC
Pliocercus euryzonus Black Halloween Snake 177444 LC
Alopoglossus buckleyi Buckley's Teiid 44578087 LC
Alopoglossus copii 44578102 LC
Alopoglossus festae 44578111 LC
Anadia altaserrania 44578129 LC
Rhinobothryum bovallii False Tree Coral 177498 LC
Anadia bogotensis Bogota Anadia 44578148 NT
Urotheca dumerilli 177509 DD
Synophis lasallei Lasalle's Fishing Snake 177533 DD
Anadia bumanguesa 44578175 DD
Micrurus dissoleucus Pygmy Coral Snake 177541 LC
Erythrolamprus pyburni Pyburn's Tropical Forest Snake 177558 DD
Anadia pamplonensis Pamplona Anadia 44578212 EN
Anadia rhombifera Rhombifer Anadia 44578254 LC
Crocodylus intermedius Orinoco Crocodile 5661 CR
Arthrosaura versteegii 44578365 LC
Bachia bicolor Two-colored Bachia 44578378 LC
Bachia pyburni 44578433 LC
Bachia talpa Ruthven's Bachia 44578442 LC
Lepidoblepharis colombianus 177824 DD
Pholidobolus vertebralis Brown Prionodactylus 203052 LC
Cercosaura hypnoides 44578502 DD
Loxopholis caparensis 66082511 DD
Ptychoglossus plicatus Taylor's Largescale Lizard 203060 LC
Ptychoglossus eurylepis Largescale Lizard 203063 NT
Potamites cochranae Cochran's Neusticurus 177901 LC
Echinosaura orcesi 44578593 NT
Loxopholis hexalepis Six-scaled Tegu 44578613 LC
Loxopholis ioanna 44578624 DD
Neusticurus medemi Medem's Neusricurus 44578647 LC
Pholidobolus montium Mountain Pholidobolus 44578680 NT
Riama afrania 44578744 DD
Riama columbiana Colombian Lightbulb Lizard 44578753 EN
Riama simotera O'Shaughnessy's Lightbulb Lizard 44578813 EN
Riama stellae 44578828 DD
Riama striata Striped Lightbulb Lizard 44578837 LC
Lepidoblepharis xanthostigma 178224 LC
Loxopholis rugiceps 178222 LC
Anolis granuliceps Granular Anole 178231 LC
Enyalioides cofanorum Cofan Woodlizard 44578890 LC
Enyalioides microlepis Small-scaled Woodlizard 44578920 LC
Anolis fraseri Fraser's Anole 178282 LC
Anolis megalopithecus Ruida's Anole 178283 LC
Enyalioides oshaughnessyi Red-eyed Woodlizard 44578937 VU
Enyalioides praestabilis Canelos Woodlizard 44578980 LC
Riama hyposticta Boulenger's Lightbulb Lizard 44578768 DD
Anolis fitchi Fitch's Anole 178386 LC
Phyllodactylus transversalis Colombian Leaf-toed Gecko 44579049 LC
Phyllodactylus ventralis Margarita Leaf-toed Gecko 44579060 LC
Gonatodes caudiscutatus Shieldhead Gecko 178422 LC
Sphaerodactylus scapularis Boulenger's Least Gecko 178425 EN
Trilepida joshuai Joshua's Blind Snake 178428 LC
Anolis gemmosus O'Shaughnessy's Anole 178434 LC
Amphisbaena spurrelli Spurrelli's Worm Lizard 203011 DD
Anolis caquetae Caqueta Anole 178441 DD
Alinea berengerae San Andrés Skink 44579089 LC
Dendrophidion vinitor Barred Forest Racer 63768 LC
Riama laevis Shiny Lightbulb Lizard 44578783 VU
Diploglossus monotropis 203042 LC
Basiliscus basiliscus Common Basilisk 203044 LC
Basiliscus galeritus Western Basilisk 203045 LC
Anadia ocellata Ocellated Anadia 203048 LC
Anadia vittata Boulenger's Anadia 203049 LC
Bachia pallidiceps Cope's Bachia 203051 DD
Echinosaura horrida Rough Teiid 203054 LC
Echinosaura palmeri 203055 LC
Loxopholis southi Northern Spectacled Lizard 203058 LC
Anolis pinchoti Crab Cay Anole 178492 VU
Enyalioides heterolepis Bocourt's Dwarf Iguana 203067 LC
Morunasaurus annularis Ringed Spinytail Iguana 203069 VU
Morunasaurus groi Dunn's Spinytail Iguana 203070 EN
Trilepida nicefori Santander Blind Snake 178499 DD
Bothrocophias myersi Chocoan Toadheaded Pitviper 178511 NT
Lepidoblepharis sanctaemartae 178521 LC
Anolis ruizii 178542 EN
Alinea pergravis Providencia Skink 44579189 LC
Marisora falconensis 44579219 LC
Loxopholis parietalis Common Root Lizard 178582 LC
Polychrus gutturosus Berthold's Bush Anole 203161 LC
Sphaerodactylus lineolatus Panama Least Gecko 203177 LC
Anolis lynchi Lvnch's Anole 178604 LC
Holcosus leptophrys Delicate Ameiva 203181 LC
Anolis maculigula Rueda's Anole 178608 VU
Ptychoglossus stenolepis 178609 LC
Helminthophis praeocularis Preocular Blind Snake 203196 DD
Liotyphlops albirostris Whitenose Blind Snake 203197 LC
Liotyphlops haadi 203200 DD
Corallus annulatus Ringed Tree Boa 203206 LC
Corallus ruschenbergerii Ruschenberger's Tree Boa 203211 LC
Ungaliophis panamensis Panamanian Dwarf Boa 203213 LC
Trachyboa boulengeri Northern Eyelash Boa 203214 LC
Gonatodes riveroi 44579298 LC
Anadia pulchella Ruthven's Anadia 178660 NT
Anolis jacare Jacare Anole 178663 LC
Anolis ventrimaculatus Speckled Anole 178679 NT
Lepidoblepharis duolepis 44579322 LC
Chironius grandisquamis Ecuador Sipo 203281 LC
Dendrophidion bivittatus Forest Racer 203283 LC
Dendrophidion boshelli Hoshell's Forest Racer 203284 CR
Dendrophidion clarkii 203288 LC
Dendrophidion percarinatum South American Forest Racer 203290 LC
Leptophis cupreus Copper Parrot Snake 203291 LC
Leptophis depressirostris Cope's Parrot Snake 203292 LC
Leptophis riveti Despax's Parrot Snake 203294 LC
Mastigodryas danieli Daniel's Tropical Racer 203301 LC
Mastigodryas pulchriceps Cope's Tropical Racer 203303 LC
Oxybelis brevirostris Cope's Vine Snake 203304 LC
Tantilla alticola Boulenger's Centipede Snake 203309 LC
Anolis eulaemus Good Anole 178745 LC
Lepidoblepharis intermedius 44579386 LC
Lepidoblepharis microlepis 44579395 DD
Tantilla semicincta Ringed Centipede Snake 203327 LC
Tantilla supracincta Banded Centipede Snake 203328 LC
Lepidoblepharis miyatai 44579408 CR
Lepidoblepharis peraccae 44579427 LC
Lepidoblepharis ruthveni 44579436 LC
Lepidoblepharis williamsi 44579445 EN
Pseudogonatodes furvus Colombian Clawed Gecko 44579472 DD
Atractus sanctaemartae St. Marta's Ground Snake 203430 LC
Atractus clarki Clark's Ground Snake 203431 LC
Pseudogonatodes lunulatus Venezuela Clawed Gecko 44579500 LC
Clelia equatoriana Equatorial Mussurana 203440 LC
Pseudogonatodes peruvianus Peru Clawed Gecko 44579522 NT
Gonatodes ligiae 66083530 DD
Sphaerodactylus heliconiae 44579533 NT
Holcosus anomalus Echternacht's Ameiva 44579542 LC
Diaphorolepis laevis Colombian Frog-eating Snake 203498 DD
Diaphorolepis wagneri Ecuador Frog-eating Snake 203499 LC
Holcosus bridgesii Bridges' Ameiva 44579564 LC
Dipsas temporalis Temporal Snail-eater 203503 LC
Enuliophis sclateri Colombian Longtail Snake 203505 LC
Erythrolamprus mimus Mimic False Coral Snake 203511 LC
Erythrolamprus pseudocorallus False Coral Snake 203513 LC
Holcosus niceforoi 44579579 LC
Geophis betaniensis Betanien Earth Snake 203523 DD
Ameiva praesignis Giant Ameiva 44579592 LC
Geophis hoffmanni Hoffmann's Earth Snake 203528 LC
Geophis nigroalbus 203530 NT
Holcosus septemlineatus Seven-lined Ameiva 44579609 LC
Erythrolamprus epinephelus 203547 LC
Ninia atrata Hallowell's Coffee Snake 203548 LC
Cnemidophorus arenivagus 44579622 LC
Diploglossus millepunctatus Dotted Galliwasp 44579631 LC
Tretanorhinus taeniatus Striped Swamp Snake 203600 NT
Urotheca fulviceps 203615 LC
Urotheca lateristriga 203617 LC
Micrurus ancoralis Regal Coral Snake 203623 LC
Micrurus clarki Clark's Coral Snake 203624 LC
Micrurus mipartitus Redtail Coral Snake 203627 LC
Epictia magnamaculata Black Blind Snake 203634 LC
Trilepida brevissima Caqueta Blind Snake 203645 DD
Trilepida dugandi Dugand's Blind Snake 203646 LC
Tantilla reticulata Reticulate Centipede Snake 203325 LC
Stenocercus bolivarensis Bolivar Whorltail Iguana 44579876 DD
Stenocercus erythrogaster 44579887 LC
Stenocercus lache 44579930 LC
Stenocercus santander 44579939 LC
Stenocercus trachycephalus Duméril's Whorltail Iguana 44579948 LC
Helicops danieli Daniel's Keelback 15179004 LC
Atractus apophis 44580244 DD
Atractus atratus 44580262 DD
Atractus avernus 44580280 DD
Atractus boulengerii 44580289 DD
Atractus chthonius 44580307 DD
Atractus collaris Collared Ground Snake 44580316 LC
Bothrocophias campbelli 15203980 VU
Bothrocophias colombianus 15204002 LC


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)