List of ACTINOPTERYGII species in Panama

This is a list of ACTINOPTERYGII in Panama according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

Microdesmus hildebrandi Dark-tailed Worm-goby 178089 DD
Gobulus birdsongi Fin-joined Goby 183832 CR
Microdesmus multiradiatus Giant Worm-goby 178092 DD
Pseudogilbia sanblasensis San Blas Coralbrotula 16501791 DD
Paranebris bauchotae 183356 DD
Bollmannia pawneea 183368 DD
Anchoa chamensis Chame Point anchovy 183885 DD
Atherinella beani Bean's Silverside 16410217 DD
Batrachoides walkeri Walker's toadfish 183406 DD
Anchoviella balboae Balboa Anchovy 183934 DD
Notarius cookei False Scultptured Sea-catfish 183939 VU
Ophioscion panamensis Panama Croaker 47148169 DD
Gobiosoma hildebrandi Hildebrand's Goby 186014 VU
Gobiosoma spilotum Isthmian Goby 186016 EN
Bathylaco macrophthalmus 155303 DD
Oneirodes luetkeni Lütken’s Dreamer 155305 DD
Tomicodon bidens Bifid clingfish 183493 VU
Protemblemaria perla Fringed Tube Blenny 183732 DD
Cynodonichthys kuelpmanni 169384 DD
Parrella fusca Dark Goby 183560 DD
Ogilbia mccoskeri McCosker's Coralbrotula 16501552 DD
Ancistrus spinosus 169370 LC
Cynodonichthys wassmanni 169368 LC
Cerdale prolata Many-spined Worm-goby 178082 DD
Brachyrhaphis roswithae 169390 DD
Congrosoma evermanni Evermann's Conger 199087 LC
Aplatophis zorro Snaggle-toothed snake-eel 183234 DD
Gobiosoma homochroma Plain Goby 183748 EN
Tanyemblemaria alleni Slender blenny 183236 DD


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)