List of REPTILIA species in Panama

This is a list of REPTILIA in Panama according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

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Tantilla albiceps Barbour's Centipede Snake 203308 DD
Dipsas nicholsi 176790 LC
Dipsas viguieri Bocourt's Snail-eater 176795 LC
Atractus darienensis 203432 DD
Anolis lionotus 178347 LC
Atractus depressiocellus 203435 DD
Atractus hostilitractus 203437 DD
Atractus imperfectus 203439 DD
Imantodes phantasma Phantasma Tree Snake 176821 DD
Coniophanes joanae 203466 DD
Sphenomorphus rarus 203165 DD
Ptychoglossus myersi 29411 LC
Geophis bellus 203522 DD
Geophis championi Panamenian Earth Snake 203524 DD
Celestus adercus 203020 DD
Geophis tectus 203534 LC
Hydromorphus dunni Dunn's Water Snake 203538 DD
Diploglossus montisilvestris 203043 DD
Echinosaura panamensis 203056 LC
Rhadinaea sargenti Sargent's Graceful Brown Snake 203585 LC
Rhadinaea vermiculaticeps Vermiculate Graceful Brown Snake 203587 NT
Sibon perissostichon 203596 DD
Trimetopon barbouri Barbour's Tropical Ground Snake 203602 DD
Micrurus stewarti Panamenian Coral Snake 203631 LC
Anolis fortunensis 178584 DD


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)