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The Adventures of Mongy the Bay Frog

Chapter 1: Where Mongy and I first meet
By Christa Maas

Inspired by the scientific information provided by Rhett Butler on Mongabay.com

"Huuuuurrray!", that's how Mongy the Bay frog's quacking sounded to me, the first time I ever heard it. I will never forget that extraordinary day. How could I ever forget the event that changed my life forever!

I kept hearing that strange noise while I was driving down a mountain range with my Jeep, so I stopped on the dirt road to check if I had something stuck between the tires. That's when I saw him the first time. There was a little green head with big intelligent eyes cautiously spying at me while half hidden within my bag pack.

"What a strange thing" I said to myself, "What are you doing in there, little frog? Hitching a ride?"

Of course I didn't expect an answer, after all, everyone knows that we can't talk to frogs, and even scientists who have studied frog anatomy and behavior all their lives have come to this conclusion, and if scientists can find all that out then it must be true, right? Well, you can imagine my amazement when I heard this frog answering me in a voice that could only be the voice of a frog.

"I beg your pardon a million times, Madam, but I couldn't restrain myself. I love to travel so much that I can't resist when I see a bag pack. I didn't know you had a Jeep as well and I really got a speed rush! I LOVED IT!"

I just stared at him with my mouth wide open. I was so surprised, I didn't know what to say.

"Oh, I am sorry, again, my dear Madam" continued the frog "I should have introduced myself. I am Mongy the Bay Frog, at your service."

I still hadn't recovered from my shock, but my mother taught me good manners, and when someone introduces himself, one should answer, even if it is a frog and we know that we can't talk to frogs.

"It's a pleasure, you can call me Christa" I replied. "How is it possible, that I can hear you, Mongy?" The frog emerged from my bag pack. He was a red eyed tree frog. His body was mostly green and shiny, and he had orange toes, but he had the most beautiful red eyes I had ever seen. They were as red as a ripe tomato. He was still a very young frog.

"The Kingdom of Knowledge is a magic kingdom" explained Mongy "It is not a miracle. You have entered it when you started looking for answers to your questions."

I nodded as if I understood what he was trying to say.

"You wanted to get to know nature and the living creatures of your world and started paying attention. The majority of man kind never pays attention or they only listen when they are still little. Afterwards, they forget and become deaf and it's really a very sad affair. But you heard the voices of nature calling you and you went even further than that, you tried to find harmony with nature. That's why you can hear me now."

I nodded again, but this time I fully understood what he was saying.

After that, Mongy became very quiet and I felt that he wanted to ask me something really important. "What is it, Mongy?" I asked.

And then Mongy said to me hesitantly and in a very low voice:

"Christa, I am very small and I know nothing of this world. But I want to learn so many things and I need help. Will you help me? I want to know about everything. I want to ask questions and I want to learn. But, in this world, so few want to hear me!"

It was at this moment that my life changed forever and I suddenly knew what my destiny would be from that day on. I realized that our meeting had not been an accident.

"Mongy", said I "I think you and I should travel together. "and while you ask all the question you like, we will try and talk to the children of this world while they are still small like you. We will invite them to travel with us into the kingdom of knowledge."

Well, kids, now you know how it all started. We hope you will follow Mongy into the magic kingdom of knowledge, and if you do, maybe some day you will hear Mongy, too. I can tell you by my own experience, it's really fun to talk to frogs!

Chapter 2: Mongy the Bay Frog's family

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